Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sun Music Vj Nisha

Nisha is the Sun Music Vj who is staying on Sun Music from her Debut.She looks pretty on some occasions and has some amount of Fan followings. She has some good sense in dressing and has lot to improve in her Hair Dressing. She is slightly inactive to callers and has been dominated by Male Vjs. She has some attracting instincts in her. She mostly hosts all the shows in Sun Music but, now a days she is more appearing on Traffic Jam show that held at 10a.m. She is also an usual Sun Music Vj who hails Sun Pictures film only.


  1. moonchiya paru, unakellam kutta pavada thevaya, engayachi poyi keera kattu vikkavendiyathaana? Pera paru NISHA.. Un moonjikku en aal peradi en karuppi...
    Madurai vishnu

  2. U r so beautiful in blows saree