Monday, June 6, 2011

Vj Monica

Kodaikaanal is the one of the Famous tourist spots located in Tamilnadu. Located in Dindukkal district, Kodaikaanal attracts millions of passengers not only from Tamilnadu and India, but also from the most parts of the People. People who travells from Northern part of the Kodaikaanal has been using the Madurai-Kodaikaanal route while people from souther side of Kodaikaanal use Kodaikaanal-Palani route. Kodaikaanal has been well connected by Roadways to all part of the Country. Both the routes mentioned above will help us to reach Kodaikaanal. As Madurai international Airport located with in 70km from Kodaikaanal it is easier for the Passengers to travel to Kodaikaanal. It is located in Western Ghats and the region in which the Kodaikaanal is called as Servarayan mountain Range, named after a temple located at the highest point of the Kodaikaanal. There are number of sites located in the Kodaikaanal includeing the Brian's park, Dum-Dum waterfall and Green valley otherwise known as Suicide Point. For the passengers from Chennai using Roadways Travel via Triciy, Dindugal and pass via Periyakulam to reach Kodaikaanal. Some of the spots you can enjoy is Kodaikanal is listed below and hope it will be an useful guide to you to enjoy your summer at cold and chill Kodaikaanal.
DUM-DUM Water fall
For the people who enters the Kodaikaanal via Madurai route first scene of sight is the Dum-Dum waterfall. There is sight seeing tower was built in the Roadside which is across the Dum-DUM waterfall and which is an entertaining scene to watch. There you can see a waterfall the almost flows every day of the Year.
Green Valley which is known as Suicide point has been a trade mark place in the Kodaikaanal. Lovers from all around the State may come to end thier lives by Jumping into the Valley beneath this Point, if they failed in Love. It is an wonderful location around Kodaikaanal and has been a treat to watch. Now a days entire area of the Suicide point is covers with terrance fences and there is no passengers will be allowed there.

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